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About Us

    We were born and raised in Washington D.C. before the gentrification period, and we are still located in this area. Here we aim to give you the best quality products possible. Our t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are top grade so you can wash and dry them without worrying about them shrinking or falling apart. We give you the type of material that we like to wear our selves, in other words, not the cheap stuff. Lets be clear though, we are more than a clothing brand. We are awake and very aware of what is going on around us and through out the world. Our goal is not to just sale clothes but to bring out the voices of our Ancestors though our designs with their quotes, teachings and their images, We aim to encourage and uplift the minds and spirits of our people. In a time when freedom of speech is disappearing and being truthful is becoming a crime to be punished for, we need to hear their voices more than ever. The lessons and teaching are timeless jewels that could have been written yesterday because they apply to the issues of today.  As time goes on and we get more permission from the families of many great black leaders we will put out more designs. So stay tuned cause we are just getting started. We thank you for coming by and hope you will become a part of our family and we can become a part of yours as well. Hit us up on Instagram if you have any comments or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you . Happy shopping and hope to hear from you again.                      




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